electric eel drain cleaner

The new Model D-5 combines professional quality and affordability in a continuous cable drum machine for cleaning 3- to 10-in. diameter lines up to 100 ft. and runs 3/4"-diameter Tri-Max cable. The.

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General Pipe Cleaners has announced a new Fall promotion to the Rental Industry – a BOGO Promo – on selected drain cleaning machines, water jets and video pipe inspection systems. From October 1.

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Electric Eel Model K Drain Cleaning Machine. The Model K is a professional quality, manual unit for cleaning 1 1/4" – 3" diameter lines up to 100ft. The heavy-duty frame is reinforced on both sides for added durability. The cable cage is powder coated to resist rust.

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Electric Eel Collection. Electric Eel. Electric Eel Collection. Showing 14 of 15 results that match your query.. Electric Eel Mfg Co 1/2"x75′ Drain Cleaner. Product – Electric Eel CT-5-16EIC35-AF 0.31 in. x 35 ft. Drain Cleaner. Reduced Price. Product Image. Price $ 738. 05. Out of stock.

Electric Eel Mfg, based in Springfield, OH since 1939, is announces 2019 as iys 80th year as manufacturer of professional quality drain and sewer cleaning equipment. Widely known as the originator of.

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Electric Eel’s New EC-5 Mini Color Camera Drain Line Inspection System offers a 5" Color LCD monitor; a color camera (also available with a new self-leveling color camera); 100 Ft. of durable push.

stormwater drain cleaning equipment australian pump industries has released a heavy-duty cast steel drain cleaner pump. It is designed for hydraulic drives on large, truck-mounted sewer or drain cleaning machines. roots and blockages.

Quickly clear clogs up to 50 ft. from the cleanout with this motorized electric drain snake. The electric drain cleaner is compact and portable for easy navigation and placement. ground fault circuit interrupter for safe operation. The electric drain snake can handle pipes from 2 in. ID to 4 in. id. handles pipes from 2 in. ID to 4 in. ID