gas water heater maintenance

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Though some gas utility companies will solve problems with a gas water heater’s gas supply, they won’t fix other water heater problems. Either you fix it yourself or you call a pro to repair it. Calling a pro often means waiting a day or two without hot water and then paying a healthy repair bill.

Whether you have a gas, electric or tankless water heater, regular water heater maintenance is the best way to guarantee top performance and longevity. Your water heater is one of the most important appliances in your home, because it supplies the hot water your family needs.

Dial Down the Temperature. However, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends a setting of 120 degrees F for most households, estimating that this can reduce energy costs for water heating by over $400 per year. Lower temperatures also reduce the risk of scalding. To lower the water temperature on a gas water heater,

The benefits of caring for your water heater are clear. Adding insulation reduces heat loss by up to 45 percent and can shave as much as 9 percent off water-heating costs. flushing sediment from the tank improves efficiency and longevity. And making sure a viable anode rod hangs in the tank will help prevent its inside from rusting out.

pipe hammer arrestor Air in the Pipes If air becomes lodged in your water pipes. You can also stop it by installing a water hammer arrestor, which includes of an air-filled chamber and a piston.The piston compresses.

A conventional storage tank water heater has a life of about 10-15 years, so if your unit is in that age range, it may be worth footing the cost to replace a water heater it rather than constantly fixing problems as they arise with age. However, if your water heater is only a few years old, repair may be the best way to go.

The check up to be done by the company will include: checking to make sure that the boiler is operating at the appropriate gas. water heaters are known to last only for a number of years and to.

The Rheem Performance 40 Gal. Natural Gas Short The Rheem Performance 40 Gal. Natural gas short water heater comes with a 32 000 BTU/hour environmentally friendly Low NOx burner that provides ample hot water for households with 2 to 4 people. The push button ignition system ensures safe and easy startup.

Learn how to troubleshoot any issues that might come up when trying to fix your properties’ gas water heaters. Shop Now:

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