how to change washers in taps

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A leaking tap due to a worn or damaged washer | How To Change A Tap Washer. The image above identifies a small fault with the seal and the water working its way through and dripping out of the spout. So lets find out how to stop a tap dripping by changing the tap washer. How to replace a tap washer and stop a dripping tap in 5 steps

How to change a tap washer. 1. To start, turn off the mains water supply by turning the main stopcock off – a valve normally located under your kitchen sink – until your tap runs dry. If you are changing the washer on hot taps, you must also turn the immersion heater and boiler off.

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How to Change a Tap Washer – Removing the Tap Stem Pry the cover off the faucet tap with a flat-head screwdriver. Remove the screw located under the cap, then remove the handle. Loosen the hexagonal packing nut so you can pull out the tap stem.

 · How To Change A Tap Washer. 2. The next step is to unscrew the entire stem assembly from the tap body. Get a spanner, selfgrip pliers or a plumber’s wrench around the large nut where the two meet and apply force. As you do so, take care not to.

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Advice on how to replace washer on mixer tap. Discussion in ‘Plumbing and Central Heating’ started by wyerd, 18 Jun 2013. wyerd. joined: 15 mar 2004. to reduce strain on the basin will remove the working part of the tap. Replace the washer, either pushed on a pin or held with a nut or screw.

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