how to install a new toilet

Step 3: Remove the toilet. Before you can set up a new toilet flange, firstly, you must remove the toilet, which is sealed into the existing one.

Installing your new toilet. Now it’s time to install your new toilet. The procedure is almost the reverse steps of the removal but with a few extra things to bear in mind. 1. Fix the toilet to the floor. The first thing you’ll want to do, before actually securing the toilet in place, is to get the new toilet bowl into the position you want it to be in.

However, if you plan to install a toilet in a new location, you will have to extend supply pipes and drainpipes to the desired spot, a job you may.

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 · Move the toilet over the flange and line up the holes with the closet bolts. When it’s in position, firmly press the toilet against the floor. Step 5: Add Washers and Nuts. Put the nylon washers and regular washers over the bolts and hand-tighten the nuts on both sides. Step 6: Level the Toilet. Check the toilet for level front-to-back and side-to-side.

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How to Install a Toilet. Installing a new toilet is a lot easier than you may think. In fact, many homeowners choose to remove their old toilet and replace it with a new one without the help of a handyman or plumber. If you do decide to.

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How to Install a New Toilet.What’s the First Step? At the beginning of the our video Steve discusses the toilet flange. This is by far one of the most important parts to the a new toilet installation. Here’s the deal: If the toilet flange sits below the finished floor, the toilet will leak. Why?

Scott English Plumbing, Inc. explain how they can install a new toilet in your home or business. Follow along and learn how to install a new toilet!

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